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" utterly astonishing performance from Lucy Goldie as Claire. Never less than 100 percent believeable as our acting talent to watch with some interest." (Remnant, Darren Gaskell - Celluoid Screams)


"...a stunning trio of performances from Lucy Goldie, Alan MacKenzie and Stephen Humpage." (The Pitchfork Disney, Joyce McMillan - The Scotsman)


"Lucy Goldie’s Haley is exposed and dependent, and her beautifully crafted monologues flow lyrically and easily." (The Pitchfork Disney - Exuent Magazine)


"It is a huge credit to her skill as an actress that she breathes enough humanity into this part that the abhorrent depths to which she sinks are made to feel understandable." (The Idiot at the Wall, Edfringe Review)


"Lucy Goldie’s depiction of uptight, insecure Sorcha Mackenzie is almost faultless" (The Idiot at the Wall, Edfringe Review)


"I would particularly like to mention the acting of Lucy Goldie who was so convincing in her role that she could have anyone believing her powerhouse performance" (Smiles and Teeth, Flicker Magazine) 


"Lucy Goldie's performance as the young girl in the middle section was particularly striking, in which a horrible tale is told with almost dance like grace" (Reminded of Beauty, View From The Stalls)

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